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Cashless pocket money

Prepaid Visa debit card for each child and easy to use mobile app for full visibility and control.

08:12 AM
Dad activated your card
11:12 AM
Dad locked your card
December 19, 2020
08:14 AM
Received $300 from Dad
December 10, 2020
06:15 PM
Received $91.27 from Dad
December 04, 2020
07:15 AM
Received $120 from Dad

Track Spending in Real-time

Ever wondered what the kids are spending their pocket money on? Canvas gives visibility as it happens and, by allowing only age-appropriate online transactions, saves the worry of them spending on things they shouldn’t.

Track spending as it happens

Track spending as it happens

The Canvas App allows full visibility of spending as it happens.

Anytime anywhere

Anytime anywhere

The Canvas card can be used online or tap and go in store with Visa PayWave. Parents and employers can control spending and top up the balance on the card in real-time with one click.

Safe and secure

Safe and secure

Lost or stolen card? Lock it anytime to prevent unauthorised usage.

Try it free for one month

After that, it’s $4.99/month per card (50% discount for the 3rd card + per household).
Top up free of charge up to SGD $400 per month per family balance.