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Cashless Household Expenses

Prepaid Visa card and app for domestic workers

Manage household spend on the only prepaid Visa card designed for Domestic Workers.

Get your cards now. Sign up is quick and easy. Free 30 day trial.

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Canvas App

From groceries to transport

With a prepaid Visa debit card for your domestic worker, managing daily household costs has never been easier.

The Canvas card is pre-paid with no risk of overspend & can be used online or tap and go in store with Visa PayWave.

30 day free trial | Just $2.99 per month per card | $1000 max card balance.

08:12 AM
Smith activated your card
11:12 AM
Smith locked your card
May 10, 2021
08:14 AM
Received $300 from Smith
May 01, 2021
06:15 PM
Received $91.27 from Smith
April 25, 2021
07:15 AM
Received $120 from Smith

Track and Control

The Canvas app allows full visibility of spending in real-time with complete control at your fingertips.

Top up, lock or cancel the card with a simple click.

Track spending as it happens

Hear from the Canvas Community

Go cashless

How to get started?

Create Profile: Download the canvas app and sign up

Order Cards: Select how many cards you require and add your cardholder details.

Subscribe: Save your payment details

Safe and secure

What happens next?

Receive cards: Your cards will arrive within 10 days of ordering

Download apps: Make sure you and your cardholders have downloaded the app

Activate cards: One click activation via the app

Once your cards are activated you can add money, start spending and tracking!